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Software Development


The program is focussed towards the individuals aspiring to pursue their career in Software Development. We offer a blended learning experience to delegates, where they will have an opportunity to work on live project and be part of hands-on training. An exposure to different elements of software development such as Java,.Net, C#, HTML, CSS, Angular JavaScript, JavaScript and Bootstrap, is part of the program to meet the industry requirements.


  • Basic IT knowledge
  • Exposure to some programming is a plus, however not mandatory
  • Working knowledge of internet and websites


  • hands-on learning approach
  • Learn from industry experts
  • Equip yourself with latest technologies
  • Live project experience
  • Full recruitment support

Training course Structure

JAVA & Database

  • Introduction to Java
  • Configuration and installing Eclipse
  • Introduction to object oriented programming
  • Classes & Objects & Methods & Variables
  • collections
  • Conditional statements
  • Exercises-Java Programs
  • Introduction to Databases and SQL Database
  • Installing SQL Server 2012 Express
  • Exercises

C#( .Net) and SQL Database

  • Writing your first SQL Queries
  • Integrating database using a programming language
  • Introduction to .Net
  • C# building blocks –Data types and variables
  • Introduction to classes and objects
  • Arthematic operators and expressions
  • C# input and output
  • Conditional Statements & Methods
  • Object oriented Programming
  • Exercises

Angular JavaScript

  • Introduction to AngularJS
  • Core Angular JS Concepts
  • Your first AngularJS project
  • Angular JS - MVC
  • Data Binding in AngularJS
  • AngularJS Forms
  • AngularJS Filters
  • Angular JS Directives
  • Angular JS Services
  • AngularJS Routing
  • TDD & Unit Testing with Angular JS
  • End-to-End Testing Angular JS Applications
  • AngularJS Directives


  • HTML Introduction
  • HTML Editors
  • HTML Tags
  • HTML Elements
  • HTML Tables
  • HTML Forms
  • Creating web pages with HTML


  • CSS3 Introduction
  • CSS3 Selectors
  • CSS3 Classes and ID's
  • CSS3 Properties
  • CSS3 Backgrounds
  • CSS3 Styled Web Form
  • Web Fonts
  • CSS3 Media Queries
  • Implementing CSS3 on the HTML page
  • Creating basic website with HTML5 and CSS 3

Bootstrap 3

  • Getting Started with Bootstrap 3
  • Bootstrap 3 Grid
  • Bootstrap 3 Tables
  • Bootstrap 3 Forms
  • Bootstrap 3 Buttons
  • Bootstrap 3 Glyphicons
  • Bootstrap 3 Menu
  • Bootstrap 3 Responsive Utilities

Javascript and JQuery

  • Introduction to Javascript
  • Javascript Syntax
  • Javascript Output
  • Javascript Statements
  • Javascript Variables
  • Javascript Operators
  • Introduction to JQuery
  • JQuery Syntax
  • JQuery Selectors
  • JQuery Events
  • JQuery Effects
  • JQuery HTML

JQuery Components in Bootstrap 3

  • Bootstrap 3 Accordion
  • Bootstrap 3 Breadcrumb
  • Bootstrap 3 Paging
  • Bootstrap 3 Transitions
  • Bootstrap 3 Modal
  • Bootstrap 3 Scrollspy
  • Implementing Bootstrap 3 to the HTML CSS project


As we have a blended learning approach in this program. Delegates will work on the live projects from the day one of the program. They will learn different areas as part of the training and implement straight away on the project.

During your project work you will be learning up to date skills and techniques which are currently used in the industry. In order to cope up with the industry demand, you will have your professional work experience after completion of the program.


The Joining Process

Due to extremely competitive nature of this program, your application must be approved by our counselling department. You may also have to take a short aptitude test and / or an interview. Once approved by our program consultant you will receive a formal offer letter of acceptance and a contract agreement with complete terms and conditions of the relevant program.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have at least diploma level qualification in any discipline
  • Passing the initial assessment is mandatory
  • Basic knowledge of computer and internet

What's Included?

  • Training
  • Internship
  • Recruitment Support

Delivery Of Program

  • Total Duration of the program 3 months
  • In-Class Instructor Led
  • Weekends Training

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