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Angular JS Training


This training is focussed towards the web developers who are looking to use Angular Js to its fullest potential to develop, deploy and test single page applications. During the training a delegate will be acquiring essential skills and knowledge about Angular Js including directives, expressions, templates, filters services and data binding along with MVC.


  • Delegates attending this training should have prior knowledge of web development with HTML and JavaScript. Some Object Oriented Programming knowledge will be advantageous however it is not essential.

Training Delivery

  • 4 Days training over the weekend
  • In-class instructor led
  • 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Theory & Practical Exercises

Course Curriculum

Introduction to AngularJS

  • What it is and why you should use it
  • Obtaining and Installing AngualrJS

Core Angular JS Concepts

  • Single Page Application
  • Bootstrapping ng-app directives
  • Templates
  • Repeaters
  • Data Binding

Your first AngularJS project

  • Tool Dependencies
  • installing node.js
  • npm scripts
  • Managing your source code

Angular JS - MVC

  • MVC Design Pattern
  • Models
  • Views
  • Controllers
  • Scope
  • Inversion of control

Data Binding in AngularJS

  • Passing Data from a Controller to a View
  • Feeding HTML inputs back to the Controller
  • Retrieving data from the server
  • The Angular digest Cycle
  • Passing Data from a Controller to a View
  • Debugging Data Bindings
  • using AngularJS Batarang
  • using browser console log

AngularJS Forms

  • Form Controller
  • Form Submissions
  • Angular JS Form Validation
  • Debugging Form validation
  • Angular Form Validation - CSS Classes

AngularJS Filters

  • Using AngularJS Filters
  • Out-of-the-box & custom Angular filters

Angular JS Directives

  • Consolidating HTML with a Directive
  • Scope
  • Template
  • Parameters
  • Functions - Link and Compile
  • Complex Directives
  • Communicating between directives

Angular JS Services

  • Defining Services
  • Consolidating shared code
  • Using Services to share common data
  • Building our own Services
  • RESTFul services with AngularJS

AngularJS Routing

  • Improving the User Experience with Routing
  • Routing Modules
  • ngRout
  • routeProviderThe $route service
  • Nested Routing

TDD & Unit Testing with Angular JS

  • Separation of concern
  • TDD with Jasmine
  • ngMock tests
  • Testing Controllers
  • Testing Filters and directives

End-to-End Testing Angular JS Applications

  • Testing with karma
  • Testing with Protractor
  • Testing using Selenium

AngularJS Directives

  • AngularJS security Worst Practices – Injection Attacks, XSS, CSP, JSON
  • Handling Authentications/logins
  • ngSanitize

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